Refinance Your Home

Let the Mortgage Experts at Pacific Sunrise Mortgage guide you through the refinance process.

Are you looking to refinance your mortgage? Perhaps you want to lower your payment, consolidate debt, pay your mortgage off faster, convert to fixed rate loan, or simply take cash out.

Historically low interest rates makes now more than ever the best time to refinance.

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Pros of Refinancing Your Mortgage

• No points/No closing costs options exist.
• Home equity can be converted to cash.
• Consolidate your loans if you have more than one.
• Your ARM loan could be converted to a Fixed Rate loan.
• Longer mortgage terms could net you a bigger annual tax deduction

Cons of Refinancing Your Mortgage

• Fees and closing costs may offset your overall savings.
• Credit and investor guidelines have made it more difficult to qualify.
• You may have a pre-payment penalty on your loan.
• If you have refinanced recently, you may not save as much.

Top reasons to refinance your home

Lower Your Interest Rate

Home loan rates are at all time lows... for now. Rates won't stay low forever. Get in now to take advantage of the lowest rates in years.

Lower Your Payment

Refinancing at a lower interest payment could drastically reduce your monthly mortgage payment.

Shorten the Term of Your Loan

With such low interest rates, you may find that a 15 year loan is not much more expensive than a 30 year loan.

Cash Out Home Equity

Use your home's equity to take cash out for any major or unexpected purchases.